Monday, May 2, 2016

The New EC Teacher Planner 2016-2017

Hey ya'll! Hope you all are doing FAB! Today I'm blogging to you about the Erin Condren new teacher planner. This will be my 4th year connecting with the EC crew. So when Sam contacted me and asked if I would be willing to review the new teacher planner, of course I said, "YES!" Enjoy!

So this was inside my beautiful box of goodies. I was so excited to see all this teacher happiness. 

I LOVE, and I mean LOVE the Erin Condren t-shirts. The material is so soft and light weight. 

One HAPPY teacher! Teaching is a work of heart!

Now to the planner goodies and happiness. 
The front of the planner and yes, it's interchangeable. Which is a good thing. I find when I switch out my EC covers it feels like I have a new planner. LOL!! Anybody feel the same way when you change yours? 

The back is just as cute of this one.

How cute is the planner carry all clutch? This is like the cutest thing! I love the fact that I can store my planner in here before it reaches my teacher bag. I find that over time the lamination on my planners end up messing up after awhile. I mean let's be real. Our planners go to every meeting with us. After 180 days of this back and forth she gets pretty beat up. So I love the fact I can place her inside here. Good thinking Mrs. Condren!

This is with it open. Two thumbs up for me!

Now to the inside of the planner and all it's glory!
The very first page of the Erin Condren Teacher Planner.

Your personal information goes here.

Dates to remember

As always just one of the many FAB quotes throughout the planner. The EC company spreads positive words like crazy!

Year at a glance! A great way to look at whats ahead during the school year!

The calendar pages are beautiful in color. You can write in your number dates, stamp them, or order some date dots from the Erin Condren website. I like how the boxes are nice and roomy.

The lesson plan page. I will be honest I don't write in this much, but would love to get into a habit of doing so. My plans are usually typed. I will say that I do like the change from an owl to an apple. I'm not a fan of owls to be honest and I didn't like the look of the owl.

This is always my favorite part of the planner. I enjoy the checklist and when I have ordered one in the past I order double the checklist. Usually I give one as a gift to a friend. :)

So the teacher planner comes with a two sided pocket folder. It's super cute too! I just LOVE the scallop detail to it. I just also appreciate the positive messages all throughout this whole planner.

Can I just say the new gemtone pens are AMAZING! I'm a sucker for pens and not just any pen. A good writing pen. What I love about these pens is that not only do they write good they look good. Each pen has a positive word on them along with erin condren. The words engraved on each one are the following; love, inspire, dream, discover, motivate, and believe. 

Thank you Erin Condren, Sam, and the whole crew for thinking of us teachers! Miss May is pretty HAPPY!
You can order your new teacher planner May 3rd! Feel free to use my referral link!

Disclosure: gave me this product to review. These are my honest opinions about the teacher planner.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Houston We Had A Problem

It has been a CRAZY week! This time last week I was mentally preparing for my up and coming week with my Firsties. Well my city was hit with a TERRIBLE storm! It was thundering, lightening, and hailing like crazy!!! All night I just knew school was going to be cancelled, When it rains cats and dogs the flooding can be RIDICULOUS!! So to make a long story short, school was cancelled Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and by Wednesday afternoon it was decided to cancel school for the remainder of the week. Some of our schools in my district were damaged a bit. :( However, we return back to work tomorrow.

I will say that my family and I were blessed to not have any damage. My brother and his family lost power for about 4 hours, but that's about it. I know some who didn't have power most of the week and had to stay with family. During the week there would be times would I would try and feel weary about things, but I would feel better when I would journal.

This is so true! God truly is ALWAYS with us,

I ask that you please keep my city in your prayers as we continue to clean up from this awful storm. Have a blessed Sunday!

Sunday, April 3, 2016


Hey peeps! Hope you all had a FAB weekend! It was a beautiful day here in the "H." It's Sunday and I feel myself trying to get those Sunday Blues. This daylight savings time is really messing with my days and nights. I will be honest I LOVE fall back vs spring forward. I told myself that I wasn't going to get into that mode tonight. Usually, I just need positive self talk and a whole LOT of JESUS! I know when I spend my time with God or just pray I feel so much better! I leave you all with this quote tonight. I have FULL Godfidence. My days run smoother because of God, my positive attitude comes from God, When I become discouraged at work I just put my faith and confidence in GOD. Wishing you all a BLESSED week with your students.

Monday, March 28, 2016

You are truly an ALLStaar Teacher

Hey peeps! Tomorrow and Wednesday are some of the MOST important days here in the great state of Texas this year. As I'm sure many of you are familiar with state testing (which I personally think stinks). I can remember when I taught third grade for 5 years it was called TAKS. Now the new name is STAAR. Let's be honest testing can be stressful on teachers and students. I CAN'T STAND IT!! In my eyes a test doesn't define what a child is always capable of. However, I won't open up my soap box on this right now. I just was thinking today about what I could do for our FAB 4th and 5th grade teachers who bust their tail feathers daily to educate these kiddos and prep them for this AWESOME (sike) test! As my brain was flowing it came to me to just keep it sweet and simple Miss May. That's what I did. I grabbed my cards, favorite pens and began writing positive notes.My plan is to have these sealed in envelopes and taped to their computer screens in the morning. Oh how I LOVE being KIND. Even when I'm tired, cranky, irritated, and overwhelmed. Nothing like making others feel good. So what do you all do to spread positivity to peeps in your school prepping for state mandated test? Have a FAB Tuesday!

I bought these cards after the new year when they were literally $3.00 and some pocket change. Plus I used my teacher discount and 40%. Totally winning!! I LOVE my Illustrated Faith pen and Staedtler Pens too!!

This was before I finished writing 14 personal notes. I'm pooped but it was so worth it!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Spotlight Teacher of The Year 2016-2017

I can't even tell you how humbled and honored I feel right now. As many of you know, I've been teaching for twelve years. I spent my first ten years with an amazing district and I will be always grateful for my experience there. While with that district I won Teacher of The Year. You can read more about that honor here. I'm now with a new district and this is my second year with them. I LOVE it! Mind you I didn't think I could achieve the Teacher of The Year honor again. It's hard enough reaching that honor once. I had NO CLUE that I was going to be honored at our staff meeting on Wednesday January 13, 2016. All of my family new and I had no clue! My brother has the best poker face, my dad explained to me after the fact that he didn't call me much because he didn't want to spill the beans, it was driving my mother crazy because we talk every morning on my drive to work, and my sister n law was told the night before because she would've spilled beans. lol Not to mess up the surprise but because she gets that excited about happy surprises. Oh, and not to mention my niece and nephews weren't told because they would've shouted to the moon and back while giggling with excitement. If you want to see how FABULOUS my principal and assistant principals were honoring me. Just click on the YouTube link and enjoy. This recognition meant the world to me, What made it even more special is how my principals announced it. It was me to a T! If your new to my blog, You will soon realize that I'm a positive, outgoing, fun, creative being. I've been this way since I came out my Mama Bears womb. I will bust a beat and a rap of positivity in a minute. I LOVE being HAPPY and I LOVE spreading KINDNESS. When I spread KINDNESS I'm most happy!

So a few days ago, I had to go to our ISC building for my photo shoot and interview. I literally felt like a movie star. Now I see how the stars feel. In a couple of weeks they are coming into my classroom to shoot my Firsties and I in action. AWESOMESAUCE!!! My Firsties are so excited!! They feel like movie stars too. 

Even though my parents couldn't come for the first celebration they will be here soon and later in the next school year for my future Spotlight Teacher of The Year happenings. 

I'm so thankful for God and the gift he has instilled in me. The gift of LOVING and CARING about children. I ALWAYS tell people that at the end of the year if my students didn't learn anything, but that Miss May LOVED them, then I can go home and sleep well at night. The gift of love is so powerful. Teachers please, please, please to remember to love them for who they are first. The rest will come. Have a blessed weekend my loves.

Miss May being announced Spotlight Teacher of The Year for next school year 2016-2017. What a surprise to have my family there too. :) 

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Where has Miss May been?

Hey ya'll! I wasn't quite sure how to start this blog post. I have been M.I.A from social media. Yes, poof be gone! Miss May BOUNCED! I couldn't take it anymore and those of you who I still stay in contact with understood why I left it. I needed the detox badly and I'm glad I did it. Social media can be AMAZING and a game changer for someones career. Let's be honest though, their is a LOT of putting on, pretending, and acting that goes with it too. I knew it was time to let it go, I'm not going to go into this big loooooong spill about it because there really is NO need. I will say, that my social media detox totally made me realize a lot about others and myself. I couldn't let my blog go. She's my teacher diary and I have worked too hard to come this far with it. So I'm back sweetheart. Missed you! 
Always remember to do what is BEST for you! Have a FAB rest of your spring day! 

Monday, November 30, 2015

TpT Cyber Sale

Hey Love Bugs! Happy Monday and Happy Shopping!! Many of you know that Teachers Pay Teachers is having a cyber sale for two days. Today and tomorrow Dec 1. Go check out my store. I have some of my items. I have some goodies. Don't forget to use the promo code SMILE and receive more off. Happy shopping!!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

You're So FAB!

Hey love bugs! Thanksgiving break is over and back to reality. I had a VERY restful, but fun break. It's always nice being around those who truly LOVE you! Tomorrow the Teachers Pay Teachers Sale begins. I have added some new products to my store including the FREEBIE quote below. I was listening to Tony Evans (a phenomenal pastor from Dallas Texas) and as I was listening to him he mentioned how we need to show GRATITUDE to life. Gratitude brings a smile to God. If we have food, shelter, and clothing what in the world do we have to be NEGATIVE and PESSIMISTIC about?

I just wanted to show you all who support me and even to those that don't a positive quote. I created it to just show you all and remind you all of how AMAZING and FAB that you are. Just click on the picture and download this freebie. Have a BLESSED week! I look forward to seeing my Firsties tomorrow.