Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Hello my fab readers! Well I wanted to share with you a quick post about my newest creation. I was so inspired by Maria over at KinderCraze and her "fancy" sterile drawers. I was totally thinking towards the end of the school year that I was definitely going to attack that project over the summer! I can now check this off the list! I use my drawers for what I'm teaching each day. It works for me and I plan on keeping that way. Maria has an AMAZING tutorial on how to create this awesomeness. You can either use Mod Podge or scotch tape. I chose transparent scotch tape. Just click the link underneath the first picture and it will take you right to Maria's fabulous tutorial. I'm pretty happy with the results. :) THANKS MARIA!!



Sunday, July 20, 2014

Monday Made It July 21, 2014

Hey fab readers! I'm linking up with the awesome Tara at 4th Grade Frolics with Monday Made It! I've been chillin most of my summer, but have decided to get a move on creating things for the upcoming school year. I'm not going to lie the beginning of the school is one of my favorites times of the year because it's so fresh and new. So here's my Monday Made It's. ENJOY!

Last year I did something similar to this and it worked out great! I just wanted less of my crayons to sharing drawers. So I picked up another Sterilte 5 drawer and re-created my drawer labels. I used Mod Podge to glue the labels on the front. I tell ya after completing this, I've realized Mod Podge and I have a love hate relationship. I'm very happy with the end result though. These labels are a freebie in my store. Just click the photo. ;)

Oh Mod Podge...

I'm an organizing NUT!! I love all things of mine to have a home. Whether it be items at work or homemit mus be organized. I get it from my Mama Bear. Literally she can tell where any and everything is in her house. Let me just say my childhood home isn't small. I really dislike clutter. One thing I like to keep together is all my teaching needs in one binder. So I created this new binder cover for this school year. Of course, I had to use Melonheadz. I love ya Nikki!!

I was in need of some new calendar cards as well. So I created a set for August. These could be used during any month of the school year though. I have so much that I could share but I chose these three. I can't wait to decorate my new classroom. Thanks for taking the time to read. Wishing you a FABULOUS MONDAY!! ((HUGS))

Saturday, July 19, 2014


Hey fab readers! Hope everyone's Saturday is going fabulous. I'm linking up with my friend Lynda at Teaching Science With Lynda. She's having a fab FREEBIE linky party. I've been enjoying the summer, but realizing that it's moving pretty fast. So that has made me get a move on getting things done for my classroom. I'm all about keeping things organized at work and at home. One thing that drives me crazy as an educator is waisted time. Many years ago, I would organize my crayons with a nicely decorated bin that was labeled with a cute crayons sign. Well the problem with that was, you have kiddos spending many minutes looking for a specific color and then it becomes the (let's chat while we look for that color) session. So then I began thinking and realized I needed to change this. That's when I decided to organize my crayons by color. Boy has that been a life saver. I absolutely LOVE it!!!  Now last year my crayons were sharing drawers and I didn't mind it but preferred not so many of them sharing. So as I was pinning and blog hopping I came across the fabulous Mel D's blog Seusstastic (that I admire) and saw how she created labels and used mod podge to glue them on. Thank you for inspiring me Mel!

 Of course I had to use my favorite clip art Melonheadz. My new drawers are set and ready to go! If your interested in these labels they're FREE yes FREE in my store. Happy organizing!

This is How my drawers look now.

This was last years look



These are the drawers the labels fit.

Monday, July 14, 2014


Hey fab readers! How was everyone's Monday? Mine was FABULOUS! As many of you know I'm beginning a new journey teaching first grade for a new district, new school, new friends, new teammates,etc. I'm super excited, but just as nervous. With all that said, I had a wonderful lunch with my very dear teammate. Well ex teammate more like my dear friend. We ate, caught up with each others lives and families. It was just a very good lunch date. Good REAL people are so hard to come by, but I've met a few good ones and I thank GOD for that. I LOVE YOU GAYLE aka SWEET G.

I'm really into classroom management and creating a good, cozy, feel good atmosphere while lots of learning is going on. Bucket filling is something I do and have done for many years during my career. Last year I created some posters for my bucket filling bulletin board. Let me tell you they were a hit at my old school and I've received a lot of great feedback about that board. I have a new room and so I freshened up these cuties for the new year. Since today was such a FAB day I'm including these in my tpt store for FREE. YES FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let's just say us teachers work so hard to create and prep our rooms and we spend sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much of our own money. I think it was just the right thing to do today. My mama bear always taught my brother and I it's important to give than to receive.  Just click on any picture and it will lead you to my store. Happy Downloading! :)

I just want to say THANK YOU to all my followers. YOU ARE AMAZINGDOTCOM!!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

If You Don't Know, You Oughta Know! #JulyStyle

Hey, Hey, Hey fab readers!! It's that time again!!!!!!!!!! I so love this You Oughta Know awesomeness created by my friend Jasmine McClain at Buzzing with Mrs. McClain. I read about some really great ideas and plan to implement a few this year. So last month I shared with you some great ideas about organizing and great accessories for your classroom. This month I'm sharing with you, that you Oughta Know that I am now selling anchor charts in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store. Yes, the real deal. I create them, laminate them and ship them to your home. When I was on Instagram (sad face I miss my insta peeps) I would constantly post pictures of my anchor charts in my classroom. I'm very ocd when it comes to being organized at home and in my classroom. So I often have my charts ready to go before  my mini lesson and others I create with my students. I'm constantly creating and selling anchor charts to my teacher peeps here in Texas and yes, they pay me for them and they keep coming back for more. Do you know how awesome it feels to see your work being on display in another room? L O V E I T!!!!! So with that being said, You Oughta Know One Fab Teacher is selling anchor charts, if you didn't know now you know.

This is my personal narrative anchor chart that I've created in the past. Personal narratives is a genre we study for a bit here in Texas. So I use this as well as many others when discussing personal narratives.

This adjectives anchor chart is great for when your introducing or reinforcing what an adjective is. I am constantly referring to my anchor charts when I'm teaching whole group or in small group. Click on either picture and it will take you right to where it's at in my store. :)

When your done shopping be sure to check out all these other awesome teachers and the awesome goodies they want you to know about. Happy Saturday friends. As always thank you Mrs. McClain for this awesome linky!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Kindness Is The Bomb Dot Com

Would you agree? To me there's nothing more amazing than making others feel good and vice versa. Now I'm really big on classroom management and creating a safe and loving environment for my students to learn freely and take risks. Yes, I enjoy teaching our required curriculum, but I love teaching kindness and behavior management. I decided that I needed something for my students that I could use throughout the whole year. So I created my new packet, Kindness Is The Bomb Dot Com. :) Now my niece Chloe wants to be a teacher most days and each and every time I see her she wants play school. Lately shes been talking about being a lawyer as well. Oh to have dreams, I LOVE it!. As we were playing school the other day I asked Chloe a few questions about bucket fillers and bucket dippers. She just MELTS Aunt Tiffy's heart.


Here's a color sheet I included in my packet.

This it all finished. :)

Here's a sort sheet in the packet.

Here's my little student hard at work. :)

TaDA!!! All finished!! I just heart this sweet girl so much! 

Just click on the picture below if you would like to download. Happy Sunday night loves and have a blessed rest of the week.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July Sale and a Freebie!

Happy 4th friends! I hope you all are enjoying either your time alone or with loved ones. I just wanted to let you all know that I'm having a sale in my store today only. EVERYTHING is 20% off. So stock up on some goodies because I know many of you are prepping for your fab classrooms. Also, I just placed a freebie in my store called Math Bin Labels. These are labels I use for my math bins that store my math games and there's a total of 8 labels. Just click on the picture and get your freebie. Please just leave some love for a sista! :)  Have a blessed day!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Hip Hip Hooray! It's The First Day!

Hey lovebugs! Like I mentioned yesterday, I've been in a very creative mood. As many of you know I'm all about creating a very loving, calm, and safe classroom environment. I always want my students to feel safe and loved. I've been this way since my early days as a third grade teacher. I believe all children need to feel loved and liked. It surely helps for a fabulous school year. With that being said, I needed something to welcome my Firsties as they enter our classroom on that first day. So along with a few other goodies this note card I created will be on their desk waiting for them. Don't you just love Melonheadz? I sure do! I created versions of this note card for Kinder-5th grade so feel free to check out my store. Just click on the picture for the grade that you need.How do you welcome your students on the first day? Happy Hump Day loves off to laminate these beauties!